Take a look at your time management

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One thing we are all short on is time! There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done – whether it be in our personal or professional lives.  Perhaps if we just identified and adjusted a few bad habits – from snacking in bed, to too much reality TV, to poor work/life balance and leaving tasks until the last minute – we could get back some of those much needed hours and reclaim some precious productivity!

Rest assured, bad habits are easier to break then you think. There are many common bad habits in the work place that slow us down – whether it be lack of prioritisation, not delegating or out of date technology.  The first step is recognising that your business practices and time management can be improved and realising that change does not happen overnight.

So as hard as it may be, take a few minutes and ask yourself the hard questions;

  • What are those areas that are costing you and your business valuable time?
  • Are you constantly repeating the same mistakes?
  • Are you waiting until the last minute each month to get your accounts done?
  • Are you preparing for an important meeting the night before your presentation?

If you answered yes to any of these or have come up with some others, then it is easier to replace them with more constructive and productive routines.  Perhaps make a phone call to avoid hours or days of back and forth emails?  Order lunch ahead of time so you do not work through it and crash in the afternoons.  The simplest of changes can often lead to a much more productive outcome.

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