Sage is reimagining business.

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It has been an exciting three months since we launched Sage One in the Australian market.  We are rapidly expanding our customer base and delighted that we are part of the consideration set for reliable online accounting solutions for accountants and the small business sector.  However, this is just the beginning.

As promised in our May launch we are intent on delivering market disruption and committed to delivering a powerful solution, priced more competitively than any other provider.  The size of the addressable market is significant, up to 1.3 million small businesses who are yet to adopt cloud based accounting software.  The potential upside for Sage One and other providers is nothing short of exciting.

As a company, Sage is changing the way we do business and we have set ourselves a couple of big goals to kick. As our global CEO Stephen Kelly notes, we’re focused on reimagining business and in doing so create Sage customers for life.  99% of companies around the world are small to medium businesses and no matter what the size or location of your business, Sage is there for you.  Sage will deliver new ways of working and move the dial up to create One Sage – delighting and supporting customers.  Sage is the champion of small to medium sized businesses and this is also our goal for the Australian market.  We’ve only just begun that journey in regards to Sage One.

You may have seen some of our early creative campaigns across metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in recent weeks.  We hope you will stay tuned to this space for some exciting new disruptive and fun initiatives as there’s much more to come. It’s all part of how we’re reimagining business.


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