Why you should embrace the cloud

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Everyone seems to be talking about the cloud these days.  The cloud for music, the cloud for storage, the cloud for businesses and even cloud accounting.  More and more businesses of all sizes are starting to use the cloud.  That is one of the many reasons we have launched Sage One.  But if you are like so many small business owners out there and are still unsure about whether or not to make the move, here are some things to consider:


Security is one of the greatest fears people have when it comes to switching to the cloud.  Trusting valuable data to a third party can be scary, but cloud technology like Sage One keeps data in a secure environment with the most updated firewall and anti-virus protection.  Sage One uses similar security technology to online banking systems and encrypts all information sent to and from the software.

Performance, Availability and Mobility

The cloud technology offers secure 24/7 access to data that is always available and backed up.  Businesses can login from anywhere at any time through a secure system; all you need is a web browser.  The cloud provider will manage all the backups and the disc space.  Your workflow will never be interrupted.


Using a cloud service also eliminates the need to maintain hardware and to update equipment.  Cloud service providers continuously purchase state-of-the-art equipment to ensure reliable performance.  Small to medium sized businesses are no longer responsible for the management of the application, software upgrades and security.


Cloud technology is a clear upfront cost.  There will be no significant or surprising increases.  Desktop solutions carry higher setup costs, higher monthly costs and ongoing costs of software and hardware updates.  Sage One is only $15 per month which would be an annual saving of $500-$800 for most small businesses.

Data Management, Back-ups and Disaster Recovery

With the cloud you will never lose your data.  The cloud will make sure all of your information is backed up.  And the cloud also offers peace of mind that your data is always recoverable and restored with minimal down time.


Cloud technology is tailored to the local market conditions to ensure compliance as required by the business, the industry and Head Office.  A credible cloud software provider will maintain a number of compliance accreditations to also ensure every user is complying with internal controls and regulations.  Sage One has been designed to be fully compliant with the ATO.


Switching to the cloud also allows your accountant a clear real-time view of how your business is performing at all times allowing them to better advise you on important business.

Moving to the cloud just makes good sense and even better business sense. Your business will have amazing top level computing capability that is flexible, scaleable and easy to manage.  Cloud solutions provide the reliability and assurance that your business will continue to operate smoothly, with greater accessibility to data that is systematically backed up and all for a lower monthly cost.


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