How to write for SEO like a pro

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If you have a website you’re likely to be already aware how important a tool SEO can be for acquiring new customers.  Below are a few quick tips to using SEOs to your favour:

Create unique and useful content

If your content is largely copied from other websites then search engines like Google are likely to penalize you for duplicate content. So get creative! It’s fine to be inspired by others but make sure you use your own words. Another thing many webmasters get wrong is producing poor quality content. Search engines use both links to and shares on social media when judging how to rank a site. If you have poor quality content it’s less likely to be linked or shared on social media.

Effective use of keywords and internal links

When keywords and internal links are over used it could give search engines the impression that you’re trying to manipulate your search position. So try and mix it up!

Take advantage of HTML and Meta tags

Modern search engines are remarkably smart at deciding what a webpage is about even when tags haven’t been used correctly, but it still pays to get your HTML and Meta tags right. The title and description tags are the most important tags to get right so make sure these tags are relevant to each page’s content and be unique for each page on your website.

Search friendly URLs

Search engines will often use you webpage’s URL when deciding how to rank it for certain keywords, therefore, use URLs that are relevant to the content with great readability such as “/article/top10-smart-phones” instead of “/articleId/123”. Additionally, it’s good practice to use hyphens in your URLs when separating words as words that are connected by underscores in URLs are seen as a single word by search engines.

If your SEO is on point and you continue producing high quality content, it should only be a matter of time before you start to see the benefits!


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