From Compliance to Reliance

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Now is the time to start to utilise cloud technology and package up advisory service offerings in your practice.
Move from a compliance model to a reliance model by unleashing your firm’s full potential by having visibility over your data in Sage One.

In these tough times where traditional compliance is becoming ever more redundant due to increasing competition cutting the costs, accountants need to uncover alternative reliable revenue streams… AND SAGE ONE IS HERE TO HELP.

There are a number of ways you can utilise Sage One beyond the standard online accounting features to be able to expand the services you offer and ultimately your business model. Sage One enables you to view client’s accounts, create reports and view dashboards in real-time and is the foundation for building and expanding your service offerings.

Maximising data within Sage One to evolve my practice

The visibility of data within Sage One enables you to be proactive beyond the monthly BAS and journals enabling you to offer a broad array of advisory services including:

Virtual management Accounting Services

  • General bookkeeping tasks
  • Sales cycle services
  • Purchase cycle services
  • Payroll services
  • Compliance tasks
  • Management reporting tasks
  • Support tasks

Financial Advisory services

  • Budget & cash flow forecasting preparation
  • Budget & cash flow forecasting monitoring
  • Management meetings

Tasks for future annual proposals
Training in systems

Next steps

Help tailor your services to each and every small business, and assist them in realising the potential additional services can add to their business. Use these three simple steps to make your contribution even more valuable:

1) Discuss with them the best way to utilise both accounting and strategic advice
2) Conduct a needs analysis
3) Produce a proposal for them!

These reliable revenue channels will enable you to move with the changing nature of the industry and take your services far beyond compliance.

By building up these other fixed fee services, you can offer compliance services for free – giving you that extra edge against your competition and securing your clients for the long-term!

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