Welcome Sage One Certified Advisers

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Ten months since Sage One launched in Australia, we have thousands of accountants and bookkeepers who have signed up as Sage One Certified Advisers in Australia which is fantastic.

To those of you whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting, thank you for taking the time to learn Sage One, become certified and enthusiastically refer Sage One to your clients.

The growth in the market has been phenomenal as we continue to evolve the product to meet market requirements, and at the same time, quickly grow our passionate Sage One local team to support you nationally.

If you are not yet certified, I encourage you to speak to your Partner Manager and we can set you up with complimentary classroom or onsite training which we run regularly around the country. We also offer complimentary migration services to move your clients from alternative online accounting products and onto Sage One.

As General Manager, it’s been a privilege to set up the division and grow the product to best meet local needs and differentiate us from our competitors. The support and feedback we have received to date has helped tremendously in shaping the product, the business and our team but I’m always open to hearing more so please reach out to me anytime.

– Lukas Taylor

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