Sage One Hot Tips

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Here are some tips and tricks to maximise productivity within your firm.

Tip 1: Quick Entry Rules

To assist manual data entry (eg. Petty Cash), Sage One allows you to set up Quick Entry Rules. By setting up Quick Entry Rules, you will be able to type in a Payee and the transaction line will be allocated.

From the Banking menu, go to Lists, then Quick Entry Rules.

  • Enter Payee e.g. Sydney District
  • Set the Description to what you would like to enter as your transaction description e.g. Electricity & Water Payment
  • Select the Type of transaction e.g. Account
  • Set the Selection. Electricity & Water
  • Select a relevant tax code e.g. Non-Capital Purchases (10.00%)

Click Save

Image 1

Now you may return to Banking > Transactions > Banking and start manually entering a payee. If you type “Sydney District” as per the example in the Payee field, the “type”, “selection”, and “tax” allocations will be automatically filled per your rule.

Tip 2: Check for Duplicate Settings

Check for Duplicate settings in the Bank Statement Mapping Rules area. This feature manages how Sage One checks for duplicates in your bank transactions.

From the Banking menu, go to Lists, then Bank Statement Mapping Rules.

Image 2

For the first option, you have 3 to choose from.

  • Do not check
  • Date and Amount
  • Date, Description and Amount

For the second option, you have 2 to choose from.

  • Reviewed Transactions (only checks transactions in this area)
  • New and Reviewed Transactions (checks transactions in both areas for duplicates)

Click SAVE


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