API Overview

To view the full API Specification click here.


The current supported format is JSON.

URL Structure

The service URLs are built up as follows:

[API URL]/api/[ver]/[service name]/[method name]/[ID (when required)]?[required query string parameters]

API Url: https://accounting.sageone.com.au

Current Version: 1.1.1

All Calls require the API Key to be included as a query string parameter. This key will be issued by Pastel.

Any functions dealing with company specific data require the companyid parameter.

URL Examples:

  • Company Get List Example:
    • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/Company/Get?apikey={39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3}
  • Individual Company Get Example:
    • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/Company/Get/1?apikey={39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3}
  • Individual Customer Get Example:
    • http://[API URL]/api/[ver]/Customer/get/1?apikey={39478ac6-ac2a-44d8-a31c-7e7e14af4de3}&CompanyId=1


There are over 100 API services. Please refer to the API Specification and ask the Sage One developer forum if you get stuck.

Request Limits

All Sage One user accounts have a request limit of 5000 API requests per day. A maximum of 100 results will be returned for list methods, regardless of the parameter sent through.