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Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Sage One gives me the ability to forecast my cash flow more accurately. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Sage One to other businesses.

Canny Coffee supply high quality coffee and coffee machines all over the North East of England, providing an energising pick me up to hundreds of businesses.

Business owner, Colin Smith is responsible for everything from sales to accounts and with machines, beans, cups and other supplies to deliver, he’s always on the go. That’s one of the reasons he chose Sage One Accounting to help keep track of his finances: “My accountant recommended Sage One,” he says. “I needed to be able to use the accounts package in different locations – on the laptop, at home on the desktop or out and about on the phone.”

Before he started using Sage One Accounting, Colin used to keep his accounts on an Excel spreadsheet, and give copies of his invoices to his accountant every month. “I only use my accountant annually now to do my actual annual returns.”

Day to day, Colin keeps a close eye on his cash flow and business performance using Sage One Accounting: “If I want to know how much I owe my creditors, I just look on Sage One. It tells me there and then. It’s the same with customers owing me money. I can get an idea of how my business is doing.”

Sage One Accounting helps deal with customers

Sage One Accounting also helps Colin deal with customers and take orders wherever he is. He recently received a customer order when he was in Scotland, 80 miles away from his office. In the past that would have meant a long trip back to raise the invoice, but with the Sage One Accounting app, Colin says: “I just get my phone out and click, click, click – invoice away.”

Getting on with business on the go

… is just one of the reasons why Colin is happy to recommend Sage One Accounting: “On a couple of occasions, I’ve had to ring the Sage One helpline. They’ve been very helpful,” he says.

“Day to day with Sage One Accounting, I can tell how much cash I have available; see what’s due to be paid and what I’m due to be paid. So it gives me the ability to forecast my cash flow more accurately. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Sage One to other businesses.”

Colin Smith’s favourite features

Sage One Accounting keeps Canny Coffee on the go

  • Business insight

    Colin can keep track of his finances in different locations.

  • Help whenever he needs

    He has a caring Sage One helpline to talk him through issues.

  • Deal with customers

    Colin takes orders from other parts of the country, wherever he is.

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