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Dominic Myssy

Dominic Myssy

Even at the early stages of the transition to Sage One, the improvement in efficiency was notable.


Myssy + Co Accountants is a Sydney based, modern CPA firm that has been in operation for 30 years. Focusing on small to medium size businesses, Myssy + Co Accountants strives to become a one stop accounting shop for SMBs by providing an array of services including business planning, tax compliance, superannuation and government grants.

Myssy + Co Accountants consists of eight accountants, a number of specialists and a team of bookkeepers who service approximately 1,000 clients. The business has a strong base of clients built from referrals and is in the fortunate position of not having to rely on advertising or walk-ins for additional business.


The team at Myssy + Co Accountants has been using Sage Handisoft’s practice software suite for 13 years particularly the HandiTax, HandiLedger, Document Manager and Time+Billing modules across the business. Therefore, when the principal of Myssy + Co Accountants, Dominic Myssy, heard about the launch of Sage One and later learned even more at a CPA event in May 2015, he was excited to see what the new solution could offer his business.

Being a long serving customer of Sage Handisoft, Myssy + Co Accountants were further attracted to Sage One by its cloud capabilities, easy integration with HandiSoft modules and of course its very attractive price point.

The team had previously been using a combination of Xero and MYOB in order to work seamlessly with numerous clients using the same solutions. Both had benefits; Xero was really user friendly and MYOB had great functionality, however, Myssy found Sage One offered the best balance of both with its dashboard display and functionality.

“Integration with your clients and your business management software is key. Sage One offered us the opportunity for alignment across the business which in turn dramatically improved our efficiency, for example, enabling the team and clients to simply login bypassing bank permissions when accessing live banks feeds,” said Dominic Myssy.


For Myssy Accountants + Co the transition to Sage One was seamless thanks to the software’s integration with HandiSoft modules, user friendliness, excellent customer support and online support videos.

“In addition to the user friendly nature of Sage One, whenever the team and I had questions, regardless of what the subject matter was, the Sage One customer support team were on hand to help,” continued Myssy.

Easy Efficiency

From the get-go Dominic Myssy and his team noticed a vast improvement in practice productivity and profitability with Sage One.

“Even at the early stages of the transition to Sage One, the improvement in efficiency was notable. Sage One features such as imported data feeds enabled us to create rules so that next time 70-80% of the job was done for you” continued Myssy.

The integration between Sage One and HandiSoft modules further improved the team’s efficiency, as they no longer needed to map or import files when working between modules such as Sage One, HandiSoft and HandiLedger. This benefit amongst others led the team at Myssy Accountants + Co to setting up all new customers with Sage One.

The team is looking forward to Sage One evolving with an expanding ecosystem and having HandiSoft fully in the cloud to migrate all clients across to Sage One.

“We no longer need to wait for clients to send data files. We can at any time, import Sage One accounting transactions into HandiLedger at the click of a button, saving me and my team valuable time” continued Myssy.

The Pretty Price Point

In addition to its efficiency benefits, Sage One sits at a lower price point than its competitors. Myssy also earns rebates of between 30 – 100% on net sales revenue from every referred client that subscribes to Sage One. It’s likely that Myssy’s practice software fees for next year could be entirely offset by the rebates generated by their linked Sage One business clients.

All of Myssy + Co accountants and two of its bookkeepers are now fully trained on Sage One with the rest of the team looking to complete their certification in the near future. Myssy + Co Accountants are looking forward to growing with Sage as their customers grow.

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