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Gareth Byrne

Gareth Byrne

I can do everything on my iPhone or iPad. Because I’m on location all the time, Sage One’s mobile accounting isĀ ideal for what I do.

As an in-demand photographer, Gareth Byrne spends a lot of his working time on location. He enjoys the challenge of capturing the best external and internal shots for different businesses: “The range of clients I deal with allows me the opportunity to be creative,” he says. “I like the diversity of the work I do. One day I’m in a school, the next day I’m in a hotel. No two days are the same.”

Being able to manage his business on the road

Working in different locations is vital for Gareth, so that’s why he chose Sage One: “It’s great because I can access it remotely on the road. I can do everything on my iPhone or iPad. Because I’m on location all the time, it’s ideal for what I do.”

“Clients can contact me if they’re looking for an invoice. All the info is there. Sage One allows me to go in and input details very simply with the minimum of clicks.”

Gareth enjoys the creative side of his business, and often works at night or dusk to get the best light for his commercial images. But he also recognises the importance of keeping track of his business admin, something that Sage One helps him do: “The best piece of advice I was ever given was to deal with things as they come along, rather than allowing things to mount up,” he says.

“With Sage One, if I get a bill or I have a job with a client, I invoice as I go along and I input my expenses as they come in.”

Keeping track of his business on the go, also helps his cash flow. Gareth says: “I really like the Sage One mobile app that I access on my iPhone. I raise invoices on the go, which in turn means I get paid quicker – which is what it’s all about.”

Sage One helps save time when working with accountants

Gareth says that using Sage One helps him save time when working with his accountant too: “My accountant has a login, so he can access all my info,” he says. “That’s actually taken a lot of workload away from me. So, for my annual accounts and tax returns, I no longer have to print off reams of info. He can just login and get my info. It’s great.”

Gareth Byrne’s favourite features

Sage One Accounting keeps Gareth on the go

  • Business on the move

    He manages his business on the road and works in different locations.

  • Business insight

    Sage One allows him to keep track of his business admin and cash flow.

  • Collaborate

    Gareth saves time when working with his accountant.

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