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Josh Bellamy

Josh Bellamy

Our customers have voiced how much easier Sage One is and how much time it saves them.


Edwards, Irvine and Facius (EI&F) provides expert, impartial advice across a broad range of business and personal financial matters including financial planning, taxation and accounting. The firm prides itself on being more than an accountant you see once a year at tax time, but as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of financial services. EI&F is a five accountant practice servicing 2,000 clients.

Challenges Faced

Whenever Edwards, Irvine and Facius were asked for recommendations for suitable small business online accounting software, they had been recommending a combination of MYOB and HandiBiz solutions depending on whether the client required bookkeeping, invoicing and/or payroll services.

However, many family business clients struggled with MYOB and found it confusing and difficult to use. Due to poor technical support, clients were second guessing financial reporting protocol throughout the year which left a big mess for EI&F to clean up at the end of each year. As soon as Sage introduced the practice to the new Sage One online accounting solution and its seamless integration with HandiSoft, EI&F immediately started to recommend Sage One to their clients.

“Sage One’s ability to directly import into HandiLedger and the resulting improved efficiency was a huge selling point for our team,” said Josh Bellamy, Client Services Manager at Edwards, Irvine and Facius.

Highly Successful Adoption of Sage One

Soon after the implementation, EI&F wrote to all their clients introducing them to the new Sage One. In order to help clients to migrate to Sage One, the firm and Sage’s team jointly organised a training seminar for over 40 of their clients which resulted in 100% conversion to Sage One. The team found that every client who has taken the time to learn about and experience the functionality within Sage One has been quick to adopt the new solution.

Impeccable Customer Support

In addition to organising client seminars, assisting with the onboarding and troubleshooting within the firm, the Sage One customer support team assisted with migrating additional clients to the software. For the firm’s larger business clients apprehensive about how a cloud software would deal with large documents that even offline software struggles with, Sage One offered a free test run to help alleviate these concerns and was able to convince and migrate more of the firm’s clients to Sage One.

“At the seminar a technology client stated the support Sage One provides is the best he has experienced in Australia – and I agree,” said Bellamy.

Real Time Reporting

“The ability to view clients’ data in real time is a fantastic feature of Sage One and enables the team to provide clients with a better level of business counsel as well as a learning platform to further educate clients on the use of the solution.

Clients who previously used MYOB without the common ledger feature had issues throughout the year tracking wages and debts, which meant that the team was not able to sort these issues until the end of the year during the client’s annual visit to the practice. In contrast to this, Sage One enables the team to diagnose the client’s figures at any point of the year and address issues in real time. Sage’s training and customer support, resulted in the team having a much better understanding of the solution which they are able to pass to clients,” continued Bellamy.

Furthermore, Sage One enables EI&F to update and amend monthly wages without client input thereby saving both the team and their clients’ valuable time.

Beautiful Invoices

Many customers have complimented the EI&F team on the look of the invoices. One client even received praise from customers about their invoices which the firm then proudly forwarded onto the Sage team.

The End Result

“We haven’t had one complaint from customers who have transferred from MYOB to Sage One. Our customers have voiced how much easier Sage One is and how much time it saves in comparison to MYOB. The whole team at EI&F look forward to continuing to work with Sage One and the options it provides the larger businesses,” said Bellamy.

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