Standout features

Sage One Accountants Edition is the ideal accounting and bookkeeping software available online, Australia-wide. The Sage One Accountants Edition allows you to view all of your Sage One clients in the one place, making it easy to access and manage.

  • My Clients

    With our online bookkeeping software, you’ll be able to access your client’s data in a matter of seconds. Set up reminders of any new notes or tasks, whether they are due or overdue.

  • My Calendar

    Monthly and daily views will display all tasks and notes that are overdue, due today as well as those tasks that are scheduled to start.

  • Your Dashboard

    Displays your client’s company information, notes that you need to action, a Profit and Loss widget, as well as a widget with banking information.

  • My Tasks

    Designed to help you keep track of the various accounting or bookkeeping tasks that you do for each of your clients on Sage One.

Why choose Sage One for accountants and bookkeepers?

Sage One offers a feature-rich online accounting product at a very
attractive price tag, with responsive local phone and online support.

  • Sage One - Client collaboration
    Client collaboration

    With Sage One, you’ll realise the vision of the common ledger by collaborating on client accounts in real time. You can do this directly through our bookkeeping apps, from any device, using the same data sets.

  • Sage One - Grow your practice
    Efficient workflow

    Sage One allows you to automate so many tasks efficiently that it frees up your time to work on providing higher value-added advisory services or helping your clients become more successful.

  • Sage One - Work efficiently
    HandiSoft Integration

    Our accountants love that Sage HandiSoft Practice Management Software integrates with Sage One. Allowing you to import your clients’ transactions into HandiLedger and BAS into HandiTax.

Solutions for your sector

Sage One is designed to make managing all areas of finance much simpler.

  • Sage One - Unlimited User Permissions
    Unlimited user permissions

    Collaborate with customers, staff and colleagues while feeling secure that unlimited user permissions will only provide them with the information they need.

  • Sage One - Highly configurable dashboards
    Highly configurable dashboards

    Guide your clients through their financials quickly. Set up their dashboards so they can see their top performing customers, sales history, outstanding balances and more.

  • Sage One - Time tracking module
    Time tracking module

    Save time by doing timesheets for your clients from your dashboard. Track projects & tasks, share files & help your clients turn billable hours into invoices.

  • Sage One - Accountants dashboard
    Accountants dashboard

    Display all of your client’s company information, notes, a profit and loss widget and banking widget.

  • Sage One - HandiSoft Integration
    HandiSoft Integration

    Sage HandiSoft practice management software integrates with Sage One which allows you to import your client’s transactions into HandiLedger and BAS into HandiTax.

  • Sage One - Company Console
    Company Console

    The company console is designed to help you keep track of your accounting and bookkeeping tasks for each client within Sage One. Your clients can send virtual notes which appear within the dashboard for you to action.

  • Bookkeepers
  • Accountants

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Get access to Sage One Accountants Edition, be well trained, earn rebates and market yourself on our Find An Adviser page once you become a Sage One Certified Adviser.

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Benefits of becoming a Sage One Certified Adviser

  • Earn rebatesEarn rebates

    Increase your revenue streams. Refer your clients to Sage One and receive 30-100% of net revenue received from them in the form of rebates.

  • Free Sage One subscriptionFree Sage One subscription

    Free access to Sage One Accountants Edition for you and staff in your practice in addition to a Sage One subscription for one company and 2 users.

  • Certified Adviser directory listingCertified Adviser directory listing

    You’ll receive a free listing on our find-an-adviser page helping you promote your practice and attract new customers.

  • Handisoft IntegrationHandisoft Integration

    HandiTax and HandiLedger integration reduces duplication of data across multiple ledgers and minimises write-offs.

  • Free educationFree education

    Online resources, videos, webinars and classroom training to make sure you know everything about Sage One.

  • Dedicated  Partner ManagerDedicated Partner Manager

    You will be well looked after by a dedicated Partner Manager and marketing team to guide and empower you every step of the way.

How to become a Sage One certified adviser

  • Sign-up to Sage OneSign-up to Sage One

    Simply sign-up as an accountant on Sage One and get to know the product. Sign-up now.

  • Certification testCertification test

    Once you know your way around the product, you can sit the 45 minute multiple choice test to become a Certified Sage One Adviser.

  • Tell your customersTell your customers

    We will send you a marketing pack with brochure ware to help inform and educate your clients about Sage One.

What our customers are saying

Sage has been in business for over 30 years, and has helped over 6 million businesses in Australia, so you can depend on us to be here when you need us.

Gareth Byrne

“I can do everything on my iPhone or iPad. Because I’m on location all the time, it’s ideal for what I do.”

Gareth’s story …

Liam Watson

“I do little and often from anywhere, whether I’m on a farm, on a train or in the city – it updates itself automatically. It’s always ready when I am.”

Liam’s story …

Colin Smith
Canny Coffee

“Sage One gives me the ability to forecast my cash flow more accurately. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Sage One to other businesses.”

Colin’s story …

Lorna Syson

“the Sage One customer support team are friendly. They’re nice, which is what I look for. They understand small businesses and they don’t talk down to you. They treat you how you would treat your own customers.”

Lorna’s story …

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  • Sage One Accounting Customer - Liam - Milk Drink Inventor
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