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Getting to grips with the new banking

Released: February 2015

Banking has had a complete revamp and face-lift!

The Bank Statements and Process Banks and Credit Cards screens have been combined under one Banking screen. Whether you are manually capturing transactions or importing them (either via Automatic Bank Feeds or via CSV or OFX formats), you will be working in one screen only! The new Banking screen uses tabs to separate New Transactions (manual or imported) from Reviewed Transactions (processed) transactions, allowing you to easily toggle between those transactions that still need to be reviewed and those that have already been finalised.

Some new ways with banking

  • Allocate invoices to receipts and payments directly from the Banking screen.
  • Sort by any column in the grid.
  • The Banking screen utilises all your screen space and only the most important fields will be displayed, with more detail available in an expanded section for each row.
  • You can select one or more lines to perform an action on, from marking transactions as reviewed to batch editing transactions.
  • A Payee column has been added.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available to do the most common tasks.

User Defined Fields available on customer and supplier documents

When you create customer and supplier documents, you can now enter some additional information in user definable fields that can display on your invoices. Note: To include these document user defined fields on your documents, you will need to customize your document layouts using the Report Designer.

Report Changes

Over the next few releases we will be making changes to the Sage One reports to bring all reports in line with the format of the current Sage One Financial reports. Reports that are updated in this release include Customer and Supplier Balances Outstanding, Quote and Invoice reports, Sales and Purchases by Item, Customer, Supplier and Bank Transactions reports and VAT reports. Look out for the new grouping options on the Cash Flow report!

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