eWay Add-On

Enhance your financial integration and use eWay to manage payments.

eWay Add-On

eWay now integrates with Sage One
What is eWay?

What is eWay?

eWay is a simple and secure payment gateway. It complies with local legislation and allows you to connect your accounts to Sage One. Use it for onbouarding, paying invoices, wages and more.

Video tutorials

Discover ways that eWay can be integrated to connect your accounts.

Introduction to eWay

Key features of the eWay add-on

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Additional features

  • Unlimited transactions
  • Unlimited email and telephone support
  • Reports with drill downs
  • Manage customers, suppliers and items
  • 1GB storage
  • 2 users, 1 company
  • Automatic backups
  • Bank and credit card processing
  • Pay by Mastercard, Visa or Amex
  • Accountants area
  • Sky Payroll integration
  • Free mobile apps

Who’s it for

eWay is for businesses that want to connect everyday, monthly & EOFY transactions into their Sage One platform.

Standout features overview

The eWay add-on allows you to connect all your financial payments.

  • My Clients

    Access your client’s data in a matter of seconds. Set up reminders of any new notes or tasks, whether they are due or overdue.

  • My Calendar

    Monthly and daily views will display all tasks and notes that are overdue, due today as well as those tasks that are scheduled to start.