Improving supplier management

Now you can capture more details relating to your suppliers such as their banking details.
Released: August 2014

Banking Details on Suppliers

Capture your supplier banking details so that you can have instant, secure access to this information when you need to pay your suppliers.

Additional Costs on Supplier Invoices

Additional cost supplier invoices allow you to capture extra charges that relate to items that you purchase without affecting the quantity on hand. The most common examples of these extra charges would be transport costs or import duties when you bring in items from overseas. These extra charges relate to the items that you have purchased but are usually charged by different suppliers. You will now be able to capture these additional supplier invoices at the same time that you capture the actual item invoice.

Make sure your emails get to your customers!

Sage One sends emails on your behalf and because of this, some email service providers will validate and reject these emails. To stop your emails from Sage One being blocked, we have added a new From Email Address option under your Company Settings. This option will be selected as the default and will ensure that emails you send from Sage One are delivered to your customers. Email replies from your customers will be sent to your email account as usual.

Cash flow report enhancements

See exactly where you are spending your money with a detailed cash flow report. Now you can see exactly which accounts are costing you the most money and where you are getting income other than your customers. The new detailed cash flow report splits out your cash inflows and outflows by general ledger account, giving you a quick view of where your money is going.

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