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Feature Update
Released: August 2015

Time Tracking – Sign up for the beta!

New time tracking feature
Time is money – and our all-new Sage One Time Tracking beta is designed to help you track your time and make sure you get paid for it!

  • Set up your projects and tasks.
  • Set budgets, task rates and billing preferences for each project.
  • Start capturing time.
  • Invoice out time linked to your timesheet entries or manually invoice out tasks linked to a project.
  • Link expenses to projects and optionally recharge them to your customer.

Start tracking your time now by signing up for the beta by mailing us at support@accounting.sageone.com.au

Profitability Reporting
See how profitable your projects are with the Profit by Project Report. This will allow you to compare your actual invoicing against your user costs and project expenses. The Cost by Project Report will illustrate your user costs based on their hours worked on each project. It also includes all project expenses that have been linked to a project on the banking screen.

Capture every valuable second of your time using our built-in timers. These will run in the background while you perform your work.

Lock your Timesheets
You can lock your older timesheets and dates so that no more time is captured for closed off periods.

Add-on-the-fly: Projects and Tasks
Add projects and tasks directly from the timesheet screen.

Sign up for the Time Tracking beta by mailing us at support@accounting.sageone.com.au 

add on the fly projects and tasks

Resizing Columns

Resize your columns and save the settings on all the list grids and banking screens:

Resizing Columns

Other Changes

List Grids: The manual sort order you set on your list grids by clicking on each column heading will now be saved automatically.

Company Settings: To speed up selections on your reports, you can now choose to exclude inactive Items, Customers and Suppliers in the Report Filter lists.

Bank Feeds: Based on feedback received from customers, Bank Feeds appear to refresh but no transactions are pulled through to the bank account. A new option to Fetch Transactions Manually has been added under Manage Bank Feeds which will force a transaction refresh. This option can only be run once per day.

The Sage One Accountants Edition – Reinvented!

Hit the ground running each day with the all-new Accountants Edition Company Console!

Designed to help you get the most out of your day, the Accountants Edition Company Console allows you to:

  • Get a quick snapshot of tasks and alerts that need your attention to help you prioritize your day. Get a view of recent transactions in each of your client’s companies to check their processing habits and provide well-timed feedback.
  • Manage your deadlines with quick sorting on financial year ends and VAT submission dates and easily access what you need with click-through’s straight into your client’s company.
  • Track your time with Sage One Time Tracking directly from the Console.

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