What’s New in Sage One

Feature Update
Released: June 2015

More Flexibility in Lists

The new grids in Sage One are designed to give you more flexibility when working with all your Sage One lists – lists such as customers, suppliers, items or invoices (documents).


You can:

  • Sort your lists by clicking on the column header, or do sorting on more than one column by using the Multi-Column Sort icon.
  • Export your list to CSV. You can refine the list by searching for particular items or filtering and then using the Export to CSV icon.
  • Customize the grid columns you display.
  • Use the Quick Reports for easy access to the most commonly used reports on each list.
  • Action a particular record in the list.
  • Perform Multi-Actions on one or more rows in the list. These include selecting and emailing invoices, changing recurring invoice settings or the status of one or more quotes.

Other Enhancements

  • New Reports: Unallocated Receipts and Payments. View your unallocated receipts and payments – these reports are available from Customer and Supplier Reports.
  • The Report Designer has been renamed to Custom Layout Designer.
  • An Email button has been added to the new-format reports.
  • Drill down from your GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS to the new BAS Audit Report to view transactions per BAS code.

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