Customer requested updates

We’ve listened to our customers and are making some of the changes you’ve been asking for.
Released: May 2016

Updates in this release

  • Discounts: Enter a Discount Amount (not only a %) on your invoice lines.
  • Account Category Grouping: Find Accounts easily with new grouping by category:

Account Categories

  • Company Settings: Disallow selling of items below zero quantity.
  • Additional Report Drill Downs: Drill down on any report – to source transaction or previews on documents.
  • Additional Contact Selection when Emailing: Choose additional email addresses from your list of contacts on customers and suppliers when emailing your quotes and invoices.
  • Recurring Invoices: Make use of Document User Defined Fields to add additional information to your invoices.
  • Purchase Order Status: Manage your purchase orders easily to quickly view which ones to follow up on.

Batch Updates to Lists

Update one or more customers, suppliers or items quickly and easily using the Update button on the list grids.

Company Notes and Attachments

Struggling to find the attachments you have linked to transactions?

Attachments are all listed in one place now – under Company Notes and Attachments. Filter and search to quickly find the attachment you are looking for – you can even drill down directly to the transaction from this page.


Invite Support User

Invite a Sage One support agent to a company to expedite any queries you have on Sage One. You will be in total control – from sending the invite (without disclosing any of your login details), to cancelling it and removing access to your company.

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