Improving Sage One

From new invoice layouts to a new Sales History Dashboard widget, Sage One is always evolving.
Released: November 2014

Multiple Price Lists

Sage One now includes unlimited price lists on your items! Set up your price lists under Company Settings – General Settings – Items. Price Lists can be assigned to each customer and you can select price list pricing on quotes and invoices. If you want to make global selling prices changes such as adjusting prices by a percentage, or copying one price list to another, use the Adjust Item Selling Prices function on the Items menu.

Invoice and Statement Layouts

Select a specific invoice and statement layout per customer or supplier under the Report Layouts tab or select which invoice or statement layout to use while processing quotes and invoices or printing statements.

Customer Zone and Email Branding

The Customer Zone has a new look and can be branded with your logo! Check your Company Branding Settings to make sure that your logo is set up to appear on emails to your customers and the Customer Zone.

Invoiced Status on Quotes

A new status has been added on Quotes. Quotes linked to invoices will get an Invoiced status and warnings will appear if a quote that has already been invoiced is re-invoiced.

Accounts List and Account Transactions Report

The Accounts List and Accounts Transactions report have been enhanced to include all accounts, bank accounts, system accounts and sales/purchases accounts.

Sales History Widget

Customize your Sales History Widget by selecting which transactions and financial categories to include.

Analysis Code Sorting

Analysis Codes are now sorted alphabetically.

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