Customer requested updates

Feature Update
Released: November 2016

New Banner

The Sage One site banner has been restyled to allow for more on-screen space.

  • Search bar has moved into the banner section.
  • The logout button along with the My Profile link are now included under the subscription users initials.
  • The Help, Contact Support and Company Settings links have been replaced with icons.
  • The company name that you are logged into has been moved into the banner section.
  • [NEW] A dropdown alongside the company name displays a list of your 5 most recent companies logged into.




View Invoice GP

Users will now be able to view the profitability of their sales as they are raising a Tax Invoice or a Quote.

  • This feature has its own user access under Customers > Tax Invoices and will initially be disabled for both existing and new users. This option will need to be turned on under user permissions.
  • The View Invoice GP option can be found under the Options dropdown button on the document screen.
  • The GP is calculated based on the exclusive selling price on the invoice in relation to either the Average Cost or the Last Cost of the Items selected.



Detailed Add-on-the-fly

The Customer and Supplier add-on-the-fly popups have been updated throughout the application to allow the user to capture all the Masterfile information at the time of adding the Customer or Supplier.

Tabs have been used to keep the popup minimalistic and user friendly for those users who only wish to capture the bare minimum.



Balance Sheet Layout

A new layout for the Balance Sheet has replaced the existing report for Australian users.

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